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Ssith served as one of the Anachronauts , warriors who traveled through time when Kang tasked them with missions. Despite being from much further in the past than the other Anachronauts 12, years ago , he showed no sign of trouble adapting to life in the future. Fantastic , and the Thing arrived in Chronopolis, Ssith and the Anachronauts attempted to arrest them. Unnoticed, Sersi took the form of the Anachronaut Raa.

In time, she freed the other heroes and they easily defeated the Anachronauts. Ssith and the Anachronauts were training and facing each other in mock combat. Then Sir Raston 's Ebony Blade began to glow and lost its solidity. Terminatrix determined that this was a result of a temporal anomaly which had the Blade never be created.

The erasing of the Blade from history had far reaching consequences and threatened Chronopolis itself. The Anachronauts time traveled back to the days of Camelot to undo the anomaly. But it turns out to just be one of the lieutenants of the Kang council, and the real Kang shows up.

Comic books in 'Citizen Kang'

However, Temptress has a reveal of her own: she's really Ravonna. And that's basically the payoff for this crossover, basically a clean-up exercise explaining why Nebula had been involved in all the time travel stuff and why those appearances never seemed to mesh with her concurrent appearances in other books. The story is that she was cryogenically preserved after she was shot back in Avengers 24 , and she's been mad at Kang ever since he was given the option of reviving her in Avengers 71 but chose to try to kill the Avengers instead.

After that, the Grandmaster replaced her with a pseudo-organic doppelganger so any appearances of Ravonna in her tube after Avengers 71 don't count, like Hulk or Avengers and then woke her up. She then infiltrated the Council of Kangs. Kang says that he likes how ruthless Ravonna has become, and he offers to fight her.

If she wins, she can kill him. If she loses, she joins him.

I love that Mr. Fantastic is so wrapped up in all of this that he doesn't want to try escaping. The Avengers and FF do manage to escape, and they fight the Anachronauts again.

Anachronauts: Forsaken Shores by Stefan Gagne, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Thor gets an opportunity to throw his hammer at Kang's forcefield, and he takes it. But the hammer would have hit Ravonna. Kang pushes Ravonna out of the way and gets hit by the hammer and knocked into a coma. Ravonna takes him away. The heroes go home, and Ravonna vows to rule Chronopolis, where all of this was taking place, herself.

There's a back-up with some unintentionally hilarious art showing the uses of the Avengers ID card. And another showing Hercules and the Black Knight out on the town. Deleted comment.

Raa of the Caves: Wikis

I hope I get to meet you in person some day because you sir are a master and I wish to shake your hand. And maybe give you a light punch in the arm for what you did to Scout and by extension my heartbeat. You left the series in a strong place filled with a lot of possibilities for sequels. You've created a very strong universe and a perfect introduction to it.

I look forward to future explorations. Here is to the Second Age. May it be interesting times. Reply Thread. Sorry left this bit out. I was never really worried you would kill Scout of course. You aren't Joss Wheedon after all. But I was worried you might permanently break up the trio in some way. I could see an ending where Una ends up forced to leave Earth forever or Scout and Emily trapped on a parallel world or forced to return with all the fae to their world. You had hinted at such a possibility throughout your journal posts and that for me was the major tension while reading this chapter.

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Now of course your seemingly ominous comments about the trio not being able to continue on post story Slayers still makes sense. Just to reiterate I love where you left them and am kicking myself for not seeing Emily's fate coming. Oh and the concept of pillow badasses Priceless, simply priceless.

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Reply Parent Thread. When I said they may be 'unavailable' my concern was that as Queen of Faerie, Emily couldn't go jaunting off at the drop of a hat anymore.

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Lady Summer could, of course, which sets a precident, but it'll depend on how things go with her work as a peacemaker. Scout's pretty much tied to her side, too, so he wouldn't wander off without her. Una's a bit more flexible, although she's working with the Suborbitals pretty tightly.

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Aww, man. I was going for awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome. I guess I came up short. Amazing stuff, and a nice opener-story feeling, taken overall. It is - probably as intended - very much like a novel or short series that starts up a wide range of offshoot related stories, like Dragonlance, Thieves World, one of that style of thing.

Well done.