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Rate this Category. The History of Thanksgiving Lesson chocolate addict. This is designed for a two-hour class. I first use the quiz to see what the students know about Thanksgiving. Then they read the text and work on the questions. At the end, we work on the two sho This is a vocabulary gap-fill worksheet to help young learners retell a short animation film about Three Little Pigs and Santa. I hope your students will enjoy this activity as much as mine Then they have to complete the lyrics of the theme song of The Addams Family with those wor Halloween Scavenger Hunt alandra This scavenger Hunt includes a writing activity that revises conditionals and phrasal verbs. Children's Books, Kids Books, Stories for Kids

The other challenges are to take photos or videos of the students doing different activities. The gram This sheet is about Thanksgiving day with its history and vocabulary about this important date. It includes Spanish-English vocabulary. This holiday has been celebrated since At that time Put BusyTeacher in your inbox.

Holiday Survey MegH. This is a holiday survey of 8 questions useful when you would like to engage all of the students in a group to report on their holidays. This is also a tool to ask and answer questions in Past Si You will find reading and listening activities. Summer at the Seaside vanda This is a worksheet for elementary students on summer vocabulary. Students are asked to choose a word from the box and write it down under the right picture.

Vocabulary included: bikini, mask, sw Summer Holiday Travelling Brainstormer ueslteacher. This is a worksheet to brainstorm destinations, packing lists, ways to travel, and things to see and do. It can then be followed by a speaking activity. And after that you could have your students Each has different powers and Hindus choose specific gods to worship in specific situations and areas of the world. The building where Hindus worship is called a mandir. He is a good luck symbol for Hindus.

When Hindus begin their prayers or start something new, they pray to Ganesh.

1, FREE Holidays and Celebrations Worksheets

For Hindus, time does not run in a straight line but in circles. The universe is created, exists and then is destroyed, and the same cycle applies to all living things. Hinduism has several Holy Books. The oldest are called the Vedas and are written in Sanskrit. Cows are sacred to Hindus, who don't eat beef. Cows are the holy animals of transport for Shiva, one of the Hindu gods, and are also respected because they produce enough milk for everyone, not just their own offspring. Nature is also important to Hindus as they believe things around us are forms of God too. The River Ganges in India is said to be Holy and people go there to bathe and wash away their sins.

Although the Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the world, it is actually a mixture of different faiths.

MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Solutions Workbook Chapter 8 What is Culture

It combines the beliefs of the people who first settled in India with ideas of people who came to India in the last 3, years. Brahman shows himself through other lesser gods and it is often these that most ordinary Hindus worship. Vishnu is the God who preserves life and stands to fight against evil, Shiva stands for the forces of Nature. As well as the Vedas, collections of Hindu hymns and prayers, there are lots of stories about Hindu gods.

A popular one is a long poem called the Ramayana, the story of Lord Rama, an Indian prince, and his wife Sita. Another sacred text is the Mahabharata, an epic poem which has over ,00 verses! Today most Hindus read these texts in translation, but they were first written in an ancient language called Sanskrit. The fact that Hindus believe that God is everywhere means they can worship both at home or in a temple mandir.

The shrine might be decorated with flowers, and incense might be burned to remind people that God is everywhere. Hindu temples, mandirs, can look very different but they are usually square or rectangular and contain halls built one inside the other. The outer rooms might be very beautifully decorated, but the inner room is plain and lit by oil lamps. Hindus bow when they pray in the mandir. You may have seen pictures of them praying with their foreheads touching the ground — this is to show how much they love and respect God.

When Hindus visit a mandir, they always leave their shoes outside. In each mandir there are murtis , statues and pictures which show Hindus different ways to think about God. Hindus show their love for God by bringing a gift to offer to their favourite picture or statue; it might be food known as prasad , incense or water. Religious songs and music are an important part of Hindu worship, as is dancing. Hindus often dance as another way of worshipping God, telling a story with their hands and body.

The Greatest Journey

They also come together to sing in a special way; this is called a chant. Hindus believe that people can be born again after death; this is known as reincarnation. In each life the person is rewarded or punished for what they have done in the previous life karma. Hindus believe if they lead a perfect life, they will be freed from birth and death to join God. The Holi festival marks the beginning of spring and the harvest in India the harvest takes place around March.

The child turns again and walks down the path and slowly disappears into a bright, white light. Feel yourself releasing the spirit of the child. When you feel complete, allow the peace to return.

First Reconciliation

Touch your heart and remember the gift you have received. Gently open your eyes and sit quietly until you are ready to leave this state of relaxation and imagination. It is good to know that you can return to this beautiful place in nature any time you want to complete your healing, and you can touch your heart at any time to feel the sense of peace and wholeness you created.

You may have one of the card sets available that have such words printed on each card. Many people find it helpful—and fun—to choose a word that seems right for them. If you choose from this list, cut out the words, color or decorate them, and keep that word with you so you can view it often. Or, make your own. Place your word on your mirror or refrigerator so that you will see it throughout the day.

How do I begin? Friends and family can certainly be helpful but professional counselors are specially trained and experienced in helping people solve problems. They can help you learn new skills and understand your situation better. Also, they are separate from your everyday life and will not talk about your problems with others.

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If you have a hard time talking about feelings or personal stuff, you are not alone. This is an opportunity to get to know yourself better and to learn new skills so that you can cope better in the future. This is a sign of strength and courage, like you have shown in doing the exercises in this guide.

You can expect to talk to someone in private and not to have them repeat to others what you say. The rare exception to this is if you or someone else might be in danger of being harmed. Then, a professional may have to report it to an authority to keep you safe.