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I was the only Puerto Rican selected along with seven other bachelor students of Secondary Education in Mathematics across the United States to fill one of the eight available spaces. During two months, I worked with my partners, four in-service teachers and a team of university professors, led by Professor Saad El-Zanati. We conducted research on patterns used when we label graphs to create generalizations.

This experience helped me develop my teaching methods, as during the camp I had students that are considered a minority in the United States. It made. I believe that these opportunities should not be missed. Not only do they provide us instant learning, but they also offer new experiences for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, these internships give us the chance to meet new people, share cultures, learn about history, visit important places and obtain practical knowledge in the professional field that we are studying.

Environmental Volunteering: A different take on community service One of characteristics of our Institution, in particular for the Metropolitan Campus, is the importance of giving students the opportunity to take part in projects that involve community service.

Solicitar una Visa para los EE.UU.

This effort has resulted in a better quality of life and in the socioeconomic development for the communities we help. In the Environmental Volunteering Program of Inter Metro, participating students have the opportunity of acquiring important knowledge about the interpretation strategies and varied techniques used by many conservation and environmental protection programs.

Inter-Metro is the first IAUPR campus and the first higher education institution in Puerto Rico to become part of the USA Tree Campus, a program that recognizes the campus commitment to tree management and conservation, particularly in urban areas. You can also contact us at cecia metro. For me it became true.

Brief Overview

I was the only Puerto Rican and the only Spanish speaker among international students there. In Rome my field of study is known as Social Assistance, while in this side of the world it is known as Social Work. In the course of human trafficking we discussed the real threats of organ trafficking and child labor. Sometimes the class would meet in the Vatican stairs and discuss social problems which affect all young people regardless of nationality or country.

On weekends I participated in community service workshops. Providing food to the homeless was moving and even more so was teaching them English. I enjoyed gelato ice cream after supper, walked long distances, evaded illegal taxis, learned how to manage euros and, above all, learned to love the gastronomic culture of Italy. The opportunity to study abroad came to me in the perfect moment. I would like to thank God for opening the right door at the right time and for taking care of me while I was there.

I would also like to thank my university for the support I received to accomplish this dream. I take in my heart the great friendships that emerged. Students from the Metro Campus Debate Society and the Metro Campus Storytellers Workshop had the opportunity to become mentors in each of the disciplines debate and story oral narra-. In addition, some professors from the Debate Committee accompanied the group during the intense, one-week teacher and student formative. The Inter Metro Storytellers Workshop is made up of students and alumnae from all disciplines, who are interested in promoting reading in schoolchildren.

We are interested in developing excellent storytellers who can promote reading effectively. If you are interested in becoming a storyteller, please write to cuentacuentos intermetro. At the Metro Campus Debate Society we prepare you to support your positions and voice them effectively in front of others, as well as to participate in local and international debate competitions.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Debate Society , please write to debate intermetro. The LAI athletic meets are upon us! Cheer up your tigers! Nine of our students participated. They are international students from different countries of the world. Also stablished as a local organization in Puerto Rico, BAIS promotes cultural Island trips, interaction and cultural awareness between local and international students, faculty and administrators.

At the center, wearing a white cap, Mr. Eduardo A.

Bronco - Que No Quede Huella (Primera Fila) (En Vivo) ft. León Larregui

The occasion was the concert the Combo offered, for the second straight year, in benefit of the Metro Campus Scholarship Fund. El Gran Combo and its director, Mr. Rafael Ithier, returned to the Metro Campus community one of its beloved sons, whom Mr. Ithier commended for his development within the orchestra An-. Ithier during his comments to the audience. During the past two years, members of El Gran Combo have presented their talent for the delight of the university community in benefit of the Metro Campus Scholarship Fund.

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The comedy will be staged by a group of talented college students and choreographed by Ms. Zaida Varas. The technical direction will be done by Mr. Luis Ramos. The play is an engaging comedy that puts in perspective the political situation in many countries, especially ours, during election season. Among laughs, all of us witness what happens when political ambitions take hold of a family: divorce, jealousy, fraud…Corruption!

The March 10 gala will be sponsored by the Anti-Cancer League. For additional information regarding the play, please call , extensions and Carretera 1, Calle Esq. Many of you have also changed direction, but every step and every move is not in vain, it brings Rev.


But this reflection born of an intimate and personal journey, is only the preparation for the meeting with a new revelation of Godliness: God within our Mensaje de la Decana Message from the dean Carmen A. Carmen Oquendo Dean of Students 43 Organizaciones Estudiantiles Over students gathered at the campus Theater to hold the initiation ceremony for the Metro Campus accredited student organizations. It was precisely some students who, in a beautiful moment of praise and communion with God, raised their voices and, accompanied by their musical instruments in perfect rhythm, reminded us the greatness and goodness Today could be a great day….

Filipa Go Gilmary Ortiz presented the Microbiome of black and red mangroves of the Puerto Rican karst and Arnold Rodriguez presented the Cervical microbiome of Latina women, for which he was awarded the Second Place on the best student poster competition.

Circo romano en Tréveris

I am grateful for the opportunity to promote the University abroad, because I feel that I can contribute to the development of the interna- Sapere aude! He is hard at work on his next novel, waiting for his husband Alvaro to return from a business trip to Barcelona, when he receives word from police that Alvaro has been killed in a car accident.

In Galicia, the opposite side of the country from Barcelona. Manuel travels to the town in Galicia where Alvaro died and learns that his husband was the Marquis of an ancient aristocratic family and Galicia is their ancestral home. Alvaro had hidden all this from Manuel because it seems he felt that his family was toxic and he wanted to shield Manuel from them.

This was a nicely complex book and I enjoyed not only the mystery plot but the travel element as well. The characters were generally complex and multifaceted. There were also rivalries and intrigues between the family members as well, dark secrets and infighting.

Alvaro was right - his family is toxic and he did well to keep Manuel from them. It would be exhausting to have to deal with a family like that.

Spanish Social Studies – Steps to Literacy Shop

In any case, I think I would have preferred to eyeball read this one. I had a hard time telling when it was supposed to be Manuel speaking and the cop, for example. It is one of my favorite last lines ever now. Part 1 - Written in the reading process. All This I Will Give To You, I am sure, will become a timeless classic, probably a film, maybe a TV Drama, and for sure a cultural milestone in literature terms, in the same way that 'Kiss Of The Spiderwoman' by Manuel Puig is revered as a brave, cult classic since it's publication in Within the first few page turns, I was hooked.

Not only, I might add, by the highly original storyline - By the sheer quality of the write. I fed on every m Part 1 - Written in the reading process. I fed on every mouthwatering sentence, craving for more, it is such a long while since I have encountered such a beautifully crafted work. For me, the excellent storyline is secondary. When a book is so well written, it is like enjoying a banquet crafted from the finest ingredients, you pick away slowly, not wanting to hurry to the end of the meal.

Quality is everything, including the quality of the translation. Nothing has been lost. As the threads of the silken skein unravel, many back stories emerge from the shadows, all playing each other, vying for the reader's attention in an uncluttered and very civilised manner, revolving around the central story of a great love affair that evolved into a controversial same-sex marriage. Author Dolores Redondo has artfully crafted each character to be pivotal to the unfolding of the final shocking scenes, which will evoke every emotion in your soul.

Even the dear child, Samuel has an important role to play. It is as if Redondo has written the novel as one would approach a script.

Every character has a role, if only to tuck another red herring under the carpet. Absorbed by the magical descriptions of the landscapes, the precious gardens, the working practices of a vineyard, the charismatic and industrious community surrounding the 'family', we can forgive the author for playing with the reader, creating almost unbearable tension with every bite-sized chapter, allowing the reader to gradually build their own conclusion as to what really is going on behind an aristocratic family's patronising attitude and somewhat hypocritical noble facade.

A high-class whodunnit would probably be a one sentence first appraisal. Are the family feared or revered by the small community? Who, where or what is the control switch?

Was the tragedy we are introduced to at the beginning of the first chapter an unfortunate accident or something more sinister? Why did the deceased Alvaro choose to keep his nobility a secret from his husband, electing instead to live a secret double life, one shared with his husband, the other shared with his family? Oh my word, this book will I am sure, keep me hooked until the very last full stop! To furnish the review seeker with a broad summary, I would say this work is sort of, Hitchcock meets Poirot meets Columbo meets Downton Abbey, meets Killing Eve, - Spanish style.

A worthy read so far An outstanding point scorer with me is that Redondo hasn't relied upon bad language to create real dialogue. There is hardly any bad language, not even in the passion of violence or arguments! How very refreshing! Part 2 - Written at my conclusion And this wonderful novel did indeed keep its promise to me!

It is 2. Along the way, you will meet some wonderful characters, and some pretty despicable ones too.