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I told him that many astronauts were also scientists and since that day he has had about 4 or 5 favourite things to do on his list.

The Art of Resilience: A Practical Guide to Developing Mental Toughness

I now have to live up to my own words…. What has happened to the quality of Puttylike posts of late? All about browbeating multipods since the change of writers. I mean, do you write these things for clickbait? I guess you guys must be running out of topics. People do not live the same kind of life as each other, or follow the same path, I hate to break it to you if you think they do. Thanks for the feedback Jon! Re-reading your comment, it sounds to me like we are actually in agreement. Multipod or not, I would never presume to tell anybody what to do with their lives.

That way everyone can decide for themselves how to create their path by combining their dreams with what is possible for them. Still, I will take the feedback on board and endeavour to be more clear in future. Going on the amount of times other multipotentialites have asked her about these things, it seems that these are issues that lots of multipotentialites worry about. This enables me differentiate between my dreams. The feasible ones are no longer unfulfilled. Last year I launched a career as a Speaker. I also started writing creative non-fiction.

Masters of revenge reviews

This year I am going to take violin lessons. An example of a non-feasible dream at my age is learning how to surf. The fanciful dreams, stored lovingly in my imagination, can be revived and relished without regret. Then remove the crown when I return to reality. Not all dreams need to come to fruition. By starting and keeping a dream journal, you will find aspects of your dreams that are feasible and that will inspire hope and joy in your life.

I absolutely love this, Linda! So many great comments on this post. Yours really made me feel very warm inside. The tale about surfing and realizing a slice of your dream is wonderful, and exactly what I was getting at about finding ways to make dreams feasible at any age. I wish you the best in your speaking and writing and fanciful dreaming — thank you so much for sharing :. Great to read this as I am feeling very old today! In France , when you are 60, you are finished.

There are tones of stuff I still want to do. I think I can at least dedicate some time in my life for these things. I can take acting classes, read psychology books, but not necessarily make a profession out of them I am a translator now, that how I earn my living. Late will be when I died, think about eternity of live and nothing that you do is a waste of time.

The Four Step Formula For Manifesting Your Dreams

I subscribe to the idea that although options narrow, it is never too late to do what you choose. The price may be higher and you may still fail, but for heavens sake at least try.

I am pursuing DJing supposedly something for youngsters 2. I am becoming entrepreneurial with my music business rather than having someone do the business for me. At 53, I embrace my multipotentialiteness and am grateful that I have more flexibility to be that way than my mother or grandmother did in their day. I also see that my daughter has realized her ability to be a multipotentialite much earlier than I did.

Ironically, it was my grandfather, who lived to be a very active 94 year old multipotentialite who has been my inspiration. Our current culture may not yet be fully embracing the concept of being a multipotentialite but it is getting better all the time, which may help others realize their potential at any age.

Some of us may need to let go of previous learning in order to be ready to embrace the new freedoms to be a multipotentialite. Great message Neil. And some of the posted comments are awesome.

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I can retire in a year and a half from my full time work. I am looking to transition into my own business. That is something I can do up til my final day! At nearly 53, I am glad to discover the multipotentialite frame. I always thought I would be a mother, would nurture, enjoy and support children, and have all the physical and emotional experiences of birthing and mothering. Even after my mid 40s I thought maybe adoption or foster care would be options for fulfilling at least part of this desire to give these gifts that want to be given.

Live Your Life On Purpose

Life has not unfolded that way, partly due to circumstances and events beyond my control and partly due to unconscious and conscious decisions. I tell myself there are still ways to tend this dream, that I can create and give and mother in other ways, and I truly am open to that. Still there is the mountain of grief. I see my sisters and friends become grandparents and I know I will never experience that either.

Sometimes it feels like trying to keep this dream alive with some reinterpretation of it is cruel and foolish. I tell myself to just let it go. But then I feel a hardness in me. A hardness that closes something inside me. I remain open, as painful as it is at times, to the possibility of birthing and mothering somehow in this life. Thank you for the opportunity to share from this tender place. Watching our eighty-six-year-old father carry the burden of regrets to his grave, my wife and I vowed to never live another day with regrets.

We went on a quest to live our dreams before it was too late. We had seen what it was like to live with regrets and our vow helped us get through the marathon of the middle; the difficult trek between where you start and where you want to go.

Speak To The Universe - Ask And You Shall Receive [Extremely Powerful Guided Meditation]

During our rehab of a century-old building located in a small town, we faced the uphill battle of staying within our budget while making our special place fun and attractive. Upcycling saved the day. We love it! Like others, we had to transition from corporate America to doing what we love. Not easy but well worth the effort.

Part 2. Rumi Quotes That Are…

All this came about because we began a quest to define what matters most, escape the comfort zone, solve the money problem, downsize our lifestyle, rehab a building, and enjoy life on Main Street in a small town.