Guide Oh, How Sylvester Can Pester!: And Other Poems More or Less About Manners

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Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Robert Kinerk pokes fun at what can happen when good manners are neglected. From Eleanor Ickity who is served nothing that she likes to eat or Sylvester who can pester and pester and pester, this charming cast of characters will warn the ill mannered about the consequences of their shameful behavior.

There are free verse poems here as well as rhyming lines, but most of all, the poems remind readers to pay attention to the intriguing natural world that lies within their grasp. The author has created wonderful sensory images within these pages with descriptions of dandelions as "a hundred fluffy parachutes" p. Although not every poem is memorable, many of them contain surprises and unique ways of viewing nature. The appealing mixed media illustrations feature paper collages and wispy markings that appear to be crayon or chalk.

The poetry and images ask readers to linger, leaving smiles on lips and thoughtfulness in hearts. Elliott, David. In the sea. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press. Serving dual purposes since its poetic lines are fun to read aloud while also providing information about marine life, this collection of poems is essential for classroom libraries.

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The dedication to the Gulf of Mexico reminds readers of the interdependence of species, a lesson about which humans need to be reminded. The author of two other outdoor poetry collections, On the Farm and In the Wild , somehow captures a child-like sense of awe and wonder in these 21 poems. In places, it's almost as though a child is regarding the denizens of the sea and pondering a seahorse that is "dainty as a wish" unpaginated.

In one poem, the poet describes a moray eel as "a dragon in its cave" unpaginated and in another, the massive blue whale as "all fluke and fin and fountain" unpaginated. The poems are child-friendly since some of them contain puns that will make readers smile; for instance, the herring is described as being wise since she "lives in a school" unpaginated.

For example, a shark's toothy, wide-open mouth greets readers near the opening pages while only a portion of the immense blue whale may be seen on another page until it dives into the ocean's depths on the next page. The language and the images are meant for savoring. Florian, Douglas. UnBEElievables: honeybee poems and paintings. Fourteen poems frolic in word play while portraying the busy life of bees. Although the poems themselves are fun to read, each double-page spread also contains interesting factual information about bees, especially noting the dwindling numbers of bees and honey production around the world.

Hopkins, Lee Bennett.

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Nasty bugs: poems. Kennedy, Alice Schertle, and Marilyn Singer. The poems range from free verse to rhyming couplets.

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Actual facts and back matter about the different bugs are included in a 3-page appendix at the end of the book. This book is ideal for reading aloud, particularly during a study of insects. In addition, they may enjoy the interview with Hopkins featured this month on the Poetry for Children Blog by Sylvia Vardell. Jensen, Dana. A meal of the stars: poems up and down. These list poems are formed from one word on each line. To read them, readers will either begin at the top and read downwards or start at the bottom and read upwards.

For example, there is a poem about a giraffe with a long neck, a length of string with a rising balloon, an elevator in an apartment building and a kite soaring above trees. Teachers could invite children to write their own list poems and experiment with writing them up and down. Yolen, Jane. Bug off! Creepy, crawly poems. Photos by Jason Stemple. In "Daddy Very Long Legs," the poet ponders in child-like fascination how the multi-limbed daddy longlegs knows which leg to move first. The poems are accompanied by brief notes about the insects featured in her lines, many of which are filled with sly observations about those creepy, crawly, but endlessly-fascinating creatures.

The marvelous, up-close photographs allow readers to gaze in wonder at the amazing colors and features of these often-ignored bugs.

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This title belongs in a classroom collection containing A Mirror to Nature , an earlier collaboration from this reliable creative team. Poem runs: Baseball poems and paintings. This baseball poetry collection arrives just in time for the season. Included are poems about the catcher, umpire, first baseman, pitcher, shortstop and more.

A baseball player lounges on an emerald field holding a bouquet of white daisies in one of the vibrant illustrations. All illustrations were created with gouache watercolor, oil pastels, colored pencils and pine tar on primed paper bags. Batter up. Harrison, David L. Honesdale, PA: Wordsong.

Robert Kinerk

Certain to appeal to middle grade boys and girls who dream of riding the range and herding cattle across the country, this collection pays tribute to the hard-working folks responsible for moving enormous herds of cattle from one place to another, usually from Texas to Kansas where they would be sold. The poet describes the loneliness and dangers of life on the trail in 22 poems, putting the lie to romantic versions of a cowboy's life. For instance, since baths were a luxury on the trail, things got to smelling pretty ripe as "The Bunkhouse" describes humorously.

The immediate peril of a possible death from thousands of large animals racing across the plains is captured perfectly in "Stampede! The poem "Cookie" describes the monotony of trail meals, the same day after day out of necessity. An afterword describes how brief was the era of these cattle drives.

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