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Adam began his career in test prep in while at the University of Southern California, where he was a student-athlete on the basketball team, worked in the admission office, and graduated magna cum laude. Over the last two decades he has guided thousands of families to successful experiences with standardized tests and has mentored hundreds of the industry's most sought-after tutors.

Adam is known nationally as a leading expert on college admission testing and is a frequent presenter at higher ed conferences, faculty development workshops, and school seminars. For example, I like one of their modified majors in the Engineering school, however I think my application is stronger from the lenses of a liberal arts perspective. You are prompted to write specific essays for each. Question: Do you think that applying to the Dual Degree program has any influence, positive or negative on your application to the Single Degree school the traditional way to apply , or do they truly keep these two decisions completely separate like admissions officers from each program only see what is submitted for that specific program?

Another way to look at this, is, if my FIRST choice is really the single degree option at the school, does applying for the Dual Degree program have a positive or negative effect on my chances to get accepted to the single degree option? My disagreement with the counselor — to the extent that there is one — is small on both sides of the equation.

Wharton is a good example, though, of where M2 would clearly be a plus. It settles any potential question marks around whether or not you can handle a math-intensive curriculum.

Take the night or day to think about it, go with the option you feel best about, and then let go of the stress. I had some questions, now that Dec Subject Test scores are in have to decide if to send, by this coming week. Subject Tests from the sittings, in this order: 1. So, here are my questions: 1. If so, is it strange to only send one score? Does math do the trick vis-a-vis 33 on ACT math? Your 33 Math is not exactly weak. I would choose option A for both sets of schools.

I took the math II subject test as a sophomore today. I forgot the law of cosines, and consequentially missed 2 questions. After reviewing a lot of the questions i think that there is 1 more that i might have miss-bubbled. I am definitely going into something math-related in college and i am aiming for top schools, with the ones that dont exercise college choice as options as of now.

I am really scared that i might have missed a few more, and have gotten a Should i wait for the score? Would it look bad that i took it twice in that scenario? Steve, Cancelling would be a big mistake. There is essentially no risk with Subject Test scores, as Score Choice is always an option. Second, it is extremely unlikely that a school would be swayed by am versus She was scheduled for the Dec 3, , SAT as well.

I have been told that the Dec 3, SAT scores need to be automatically sent to ensure they arrive on time. When I used score choice, I was allowed to select the Nov and May scores. Does this indicate that the Nov and May SAT scores are in the process of being sent and the Dec SAT will be automatically sent, with no further action from me, when available. Jim, It sounds like you did everything correctly. Score Choice is only applicable once scores are available.

Cloze practice test

I agree that it is best not to risk missing a deadline just to see the December scores before you send them. Most colleges superscore the SAT , and some of the ones that do not require all scores be sent so delay is pointless. I believe that your scores will be sent without further action. Based on my own predictions from estimated raw scores, I scored between the 80th and 90th percentiles for all three.

When opting to have these scores sent immediately before I see them , should I send all three scores to Harvard, Cornell, and Northwestern? I have heard varied opinions online on whether this is a good or a bad idea. Will they primarily consider my two highest scores? Harvard permits January SAT testing, however, so this would seem to indicate that I could wait until I get my scores on December 22 and then choose the two strongest scores to send to them.

Would this be advisable? Or would their lateness nullify any contribution they might have to my application? Delays can happen, mistakes can be made.

SAT Subject Tests FAQ

When faced with 3 Subject Test scores, most colleges will consider the strongest scores. It is to your advantage to send all scores! Strong scores can help your testing portfolio. Hi, I just received my SAT subject test scores and they were disappointing in that they were in English and in Math2. I have a 4. Will these low SAT subject scores jeopardize my chances at 2 highly selective schools on my short list?

How important is it for me to take them again? I have an interview for my top choice school a Military Academy that does not require these scores that conflicts with a re-take this weekend. I have already had two interviews for a nomination, should I take the SAT subject tests again or go to the congressional interview? The interview is only offered this one day.

Dan, I apologize for the delay in replying to you. I would hate for you to miss an important opportunity at your top choice school.

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Let me present a few things regarding Subject Tests. Your scores are low relative to the typical Subject Test scores seen at the most highly selective schools. Hey, I recently applied for my SAT Subject tests and instead of thinking about it and then deciding i rushed to applying for all 3 of my maths, physics and chemistry tests on the same day.

Now i want to change the date for my chemistry and physics test and i was wondering that how do i do it? Like all the three tests are imprinted on the same tickets so if i change the tests dates for 2, what will happen to the third one? Like if i go ahead and change my test dates it lest me choose which tests do i want on the new date but i am worried that it will cancel my 3rd test that i wanna take on the same previous date!

Any idea, please help me with this i have less than a week now! Mustafa, As far as I know, you will not be able to accomplish exactly what you want to do — at least not without paying additional fees. The first thing to keep in mind is that you are not obligated to take the tests for which you signed up, and you are not limited to taking those tests. If registration fees are not a concern, then the simplest solution is to sign up for the new date for Chemistry and Physics.

When you show up next week, simply take the math test of your choice. I would recommend trying to call College Board about your very specific case. My niece showed up today Nov.

ACT vs SAT: How Different Are They?

She needs this test score to apply to two of her top choices. The SAT site says that the test is only given in November but there must be another option for a kid who made a mistake on this test day. Can anything be done?

New SAT Official Practice Test # 1 Math Section 4 (Calculator) Full Test - SAT prep help

We are willing to travel anywheres to make this happen. Any help of suggestions would be very helpful. That must be quite distressing for her. Unfortunately, I know of no testing fallback for your niece.

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Makeup test days are sometimes available, but these involve test center closings a fire, road closures, etc. There is no provision for an individual student to take a makeup exam. There are also no other dates for the Chinese ST.