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  1. What is shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage, and how can you practice it?
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Natural Beauties. First Anal. Anal Beauty 2. He was jostled around as he sat up watching her squirm. Should he let her tire herself out? Or do it now while she was frenzied? He decided to wait a few more minutes, he didn't want her to hurt herself when he started. She was frantic. What could he be planning?

What is shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage, and how can you practice it?

But he was just sitting there, she could see him over her shoulder looking down on her, with that stupid sexy smiling. Whatever he had, it was out of her line of sight. They had used toys before. Nothing, not matter what they did with them would make her angry or hate him. The only thing that would make her hate him Oh no! The realization went through her. She had figured it out.

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That's why he loved her. So beautiful, so smart. But his mind was made up and she would be bound tonight and he'd have his way with her for as long as he wanted. It stung and thrilled her. No use in waiting any longer, he said to himself as her movements became more desperate. He would start with her mouth, a small sized ball gag with breathing holes. He had bought some of these things months ago, so he could be ready if she changed her mind.

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He held out the head straps and lowered it down in front of her face. She wanted to scream but she knew he'd take that opportunity to put it in her mouth.

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Her eyes wide, she pursed her lips tightly shut and turned her head to the side. She is smart. He'd have to start with something else. He lifted himself off her a little and pulled her left arm firmly behind her back, she began to squeal.

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Bucking as he pulled her other arm around her back folding them behind her. He held her wrists firmly. He was really going to do it she thought. She had told him a million times she never wanted to do this. The thought of being tied, restrained. It was almost too much, she was panicking, but she felt her clit tingling with electricity.

Why now? For this? Maybe this horseplay was turning out too rough. Her body was scaring her though, betraying her. Wanting it. Real rope. He was really going to do it. She became hysterical trying to lift up with him on her back. He had wanted to excite her, scare her a little, but not too much.

This was what he had been afraid of, that she'd hurt herself. It sent a thrill rippling up from his stomach through his body. He hated that he liked the way it sounded so much. The way it made him feel. He reached around and smacked her half exposed ass. She stopped for an instant whimpering again. He was going to make her do it. Her heart was pounding in her ears, she couldn't move, he had her arms and she felt the rope going around and around her wrists. Then, she went limp under him.

His heart skipped for a moment. Had he hurt her? Had she passed out? Her wrists were tied but not tight at all, he still wanted to do a little more with the rope, though. He got off of her back and lay to her side looking her in the face. She was conscious, her eyes angry, though glazed as if she might cry. Luckily, she was fine, but pissed. She clinched her jaw when he said her name, and tried to move her head away from his kiss.

She was looking past him. He'd stop if she really wanted him too, he kept telling her in all his other talks to try and convince her that this was a great idea that if she said tapioca then he'd stop. But she had dismissed it.

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Now it was floating in the back of her mind. She could say it and be done with this, all this. He'd take the ropes of and say eh was sorry, then she'd make him pay. But she didn't want to say it, not yet at least.

73 Best rope bunny images in | Baby bunnies, Bunnies, Bunny

Kean sat back up. Should he continue? This would have him in the dog house for at least 2 or three months,maybe more. And he'd never get another chance, she'd be on guard. Part of him wanted to stop here, kiss her let her know it was all a game. This is gonna happen.. Her consent given,though begrudgingly. That dog house was looking like an extended stay hotel right about now. She was laying over the bed length wise. He made sure the ropes weren't too tight. Then he stroked her back his big hands kneading her flesh.